Paperback Rocker #47 – ELO “Eldorado”/Billy Idol Bloodbath

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This is my longest episode ever. I hope it doesn’t bore you, but I figured if I’m only going to put out an episode every couple weeks or so, I can do any length I want since you’ll have plenty of time to listen.

I cover a lot of ground, from talking about ELO’s rock symphony, “Eldorado”, to tales of feeding pigs, Grapes of Wrath-style farms, staged farming accidents, a bloody happening at a Billy Idol show and much more.

I also read an excerpt from my latest novel, “Blue Whiskey”. You should check that out sometime.

Thanks a lot for listening. I really appreciate each and every one of you. Drop me a line sometime and introduce yourself to me.

I’ll see you again in a couple weeks, my friends! Lucy says hi.