“Music Theory for Guitar” group classes are here!

The first session was a blast, and everyone learned a lot, including me. I learned that my studio can comfortably hold five students with guitars and amps. And I learned that the class length should be a total of 12 hours, not 8.

These classes are ‘on-demand’, so drop me a line if you, your friends, your relatives, or your bandmates are interested in joining a future session.

Cost is $50 per 2 hour class. Each session has 6 classes for a total of 12 hours of instruction.
You also get a binder with 100 custom sequential lessons.

You bring your guitar to play what you’re learning.
All lessons are tablature/fretboard-based – no sight reading. This is practical theory for ambitious guitarists. Curriculum starts with the basics and moves forward through chords, scales, modes, and harmonization. Concepts will be learned as theory, then applied to the fretboard, with real examples from classic rock songs.

My goal is always to bridge the chalkboard and the fretboard.

I have the musical and teaching experience to help you understand the language of music.
Contact me at [email protected] or 361-652-9362.