Paperback Rocker #95 – Blue Whiskey Audio Book Vol. 39

DIRECT DOWNLOAD HERE Reading from my novel, “Blue Whiskey”, which you can find on Amazon. Paperback, hardback, and Kindle editions available for most titles. Contact Matt Syverson at [email protected] Search for my music under the name Saturn Lander on iTunes and CDBaby. I have a new single called “Gun In My Hand”. My album is called […]

Paperback Rocker #47 – ELO “Eldorado”/Billy Idol Bloodbath

Direct Download HERE This is my longest episode ever. I hope it doesn’t bore you, but I figured if I’m only going to put out an episode every couple weeks or so, I can do any length I want since you’ll have plenty of time to listen. I cover a lot of ground, from talking […]

Paperback Rocker #27 – Talking about Black Dog

Direct Download HERE My website is Find my books of rock and roll fiction on Amazon by searching my name, Matt Syverson. Email me at [email protected]. Thanks for listening! The show notes are as follows: Sorry, but this is a short episode. It has an interview I did with Todd Brunner after I published […]