Paperback Rocker #15 – Close Encounters of the Chris Cornell Kind

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The show notes are as follows:

We had Valentine’s Day, and I spent it with Lucy, the girl I love. She’s a terrier. As I often say, I’m single and drama-free after two co-dependent relationships. Those are not good for the creative arts. I also got divorced years ago due to my pursuit of a career in music. I read a short passage from Charles Bukowski’s novel, ‘Women’, that made me have a flashback.

I talk about the methodology I used for approving the proofs of my new book, ‘Blue Whiskey’. I’m dreading the Kindle formatting, but I may just buy a template this time. That’s the one part of the process I don’t enjoy, because since I only do it about once a year I always forget how.

I haven’t told you much about ‘Blue Whiskey’, so I read the back cover copy, which was hard for me to write. I tell the methodology I finally stumbled upon that made that easier, too. It’s pretty crazy that the Coen Brothers came out with a movie with a similar story, ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’. I haven’t seen it, but I watched the trailer and it didn’t look similar other than the setting. It’s amazing how fast guys like them and Wes Anderson create screenplays and then movies.

Next, I tell about my experiences with Chris Cornell of Soundgarden after I moved from Oklahoma to Seattle. He got some death threats on Twitter. In the old days, they used to cut out letters and assemble anonymous notes, but now they just tweet them. Chris Cornell blew out his voice on the last Audioslave album from smoking and drinking too much, but he gave up. The first song on his ‘Songbook’ album is about giving up the booze.

I worked at a paint factory in a part of Seattle called Ballard, and Cornell rented a big room there to use as a rehearsal space. I worked by myself on the floor underneath that and listened to him writing his first solo album, ‘Euphoria Morning’.

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