Paperback Rocker #92 – Blue Whiskey Audio Book Vol. 36 Reading from my novel, “Blue Whiskey”, which you can find on Amazon. Paperback, hardback, and Kindle editions available for most titles. Contact Matt Syverson at [email protected] Search for my music under the name Saturn Lander on iTunes and CDBaby. I have a new single called “Gun In My Hand”.

Paperback Rocker #53 – Author Linda Syverson

Direct Download HERE Hello friends, I’m back again with another entertaining interview. This time it’s my mother! Her name is Linda Syverson, and she’s the author of the new memoir that’s getting fantastic reviews, called “Wildflowers and Broken Gods”. Her email address is [email protected] if you’d like to contact her to buy a signed copy […]

Paperback Rocker #45 – Grandpa Got Snakebit / Frog Hunting

Direct Download HERE I’m back! It’s been a while, because I had to attend the funeral of my beloved grandpa, Milburn Walker, back in Oklahoma. All the pictures I saw of him with fish and dead ducks made me remember all the fishing and hunting we used to do back there. I talk about frog […]