Paperback Rocker #45 – Grandpa Got Snakebit / Frog Hunting

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I’m back! It’s been a while, because I had to attend the funeral of my beloved grandpa, Milburn Walker, back in Oklahoma. All the pictures I saw of him with fish and dead ducks made me remember all the fishing and hunting we used to do back there.

I talk about frog hunting and snakes, including my grandpa getting snakebit. I talk about my grandma and bowling for Green Stamps. I think you’ll enjoy it!

Along the way I play some long distance dedications to my grandma, grandpa, Uncle Bruce, Ben Sawin, who gave me a nice donation, and my mom, Linda Syverson, who has a new book coming out called “Wildflowers and Broken Gods”.

I hope you enjoy this episode. I’ll see you again soon, my friends. Please consider purchasing my books on Amazon, making a donation on my website, and leaving me an iTunes review. I sure would appreciate it.

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