Paperback Rocker #12 – Mowing With Your Eyes Closed


In episode 12, I start out with a discussion of a writer’s creation of the first draft of a novel. I compare it to mowing your yard or cutting your own hair with your eyes closed. There will be lots of ‘holidays’ you missed, and the whole job needs to be cleaned up, but the first step of the process is complete. At the end, you’ll wonder what the hell you just wrote, but you gotta start somewhere.

Next, I talk about books people say they’ve read when they really haven’t. Surprisingly, one of my favorite novels appears at the top of three such lists. I go through some top tens of these books and discuss my familiarity or lack of with these titles.

My final segment is a movie review of “Behind the Candelabra”, the story of Liberace and his young boyfriend. It was an entertaining movie, and Matt Damon and Michael Douglas were fearless in their performance. The budget wasn’t large, but they limited their locations so that wasn’t noticeable. I talk about Liberace’s kidneys shutting down from exposure to Carbon Tetrachloride dry cleaning solvent, as well as plastic surgery stories. Also covered is how Liberace was a devout Catholic and what happened to his body after he died. Michael Douglas did a fantastic job faking the piano playing.

I correct an error I made in the last episode regarding Mike Garson, the finest improvisational rock and roll piano player of all time. He was a long term member of David Bowie’s band.

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