Paperback Rocker #1 – The Eyes of the Runaway


In this inaugural episode, I awkwardly introduce myself and what I’m trying to do. Podcasts should be specialized, but I want to talk about a variety of subjects, including but not limited to self-publishing.

I grew up in a one stoplight town in Oklahoma. My friends and I got into Metallica in 1986 and willed ourselves into a band. I decided I wanted to be a professional musician, but my mom said I needed a degree. I got one in Chemistry, then moved to Seattle to play grunge. I had a band called Saturn Lander. I moved to Texas and became a teacher, but now I’m a writer. My books are music themed, and the titles are “Black Dog”, “Band On The Run”, and “Running On Empty”. They are on Amazon.

I talk about my 6’x9′ cinder block shack in the desert of Northern Mexico/Southern Texas. I have a Scottie dog named Lucy, a deep freeze full of popsicles, and an espresso machine.

I review the “Runaways” movie. Joan Jett said most of the movie didn’t really happen, but the movie makers used ‘creative license’. Joan never wore leather pants in real life. She wore jeans. Joan didn’t teach her bandmate how to masturbate. Michael Shannon was excellent as the manager, Kim Fowley, who is nuts. He wrote songs for KISS and Alice Cooper. I mention the movie “Bug”, directed by William Friedkin. The Runaways had lots of scenes that created an overall vibe, but they were shallow. Dakota Fanning was good, and she pantomimed to Bowie’s “Lady Grinning Soul”, which Cherie Currie really did in high school. Kristen Stewart was one dimensional, but she looked like Joan Jett. I break the news of her next role. Cherie Currie is a chainsaw carver with my friend Jesse in Arcata, California. I gave the movie one thumb up out of two.

The song “I Love Rock and Roll” was a cover song that Joan Jett didn’t write. I play a snippet of the original.

I introduce a band who followed me on Twitter called ‘The Dirty Feel’. Their new album is being released posthumously because the lead singer passed away from a blood disease.

I listened to the audiobook of “The Eyes of the Dragon” by Stephen King. It was narrated by Bronson Pinchot. I do a poor imitation of his catch phrase. The book is the prequel to “The Dark Tower” series. It had two princes and an evil wizard named Flagg who shows up in other King books. It was a good story, not horror, medium length. King wrote it for his thirteen year old daughter. The book is kind of cliche, but it is good. The narrator talks to the reader sometimes, which is a little annoying. Flagg has an incredibly deep voice, and the delivery sometimes doesn’t match the dialogue tag. He sounds like the snake in the Jungle Book cartoon. I rate the book four stars. Stephen King does have a character dig his fingernails into his palm until blood is drawn, which I think is impossible. He doesn’t mention Xavier Cugat, though, like he usually does. The book is Tolkien-lite.

I talk about some music news. Gordon Lightfoot is 75. I sing one of his songs. Canadians are very literate people. The Barenaked Ladies song “Next Week” has 592 words. Sorry for mentioning the horrible song. Alanis Morissette has a Broadway musical coming out based on “Jagged Little Pill”, but I wouldn’t pick up the tickets if I won them on the radio. Her voice cracks too much. Jimmy Page is remastering the original Led Zeppelin albums, and Lucy is excited about that, as am I.

I hope the first episode wasn’t too awkward, but it probably was. Please keep listening, and I might get better.

My website is You can find the podcast archives there. Find my books on Amazon by searching my name, Matt Syverson. Follow me on Twitter @PaperbackRocker. Email me at Thanks for listening!

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