Paperback Rocker #8 – The Drawing of the Three


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The show notes are as follows: I’ve been busy lately. I sold books in Goliad TX on Saturday. I didn’t sell many books, but the weather got bad throughout the day. On the way home, something disgusting happened to me. Listen for details.

That reminded me of a story from high school when my friends and I acted like our car broke down so we wouldn’t have to go back to school after attending some college classes in another town. I tell how we pulled off that ruse.

I give thanks to a couple supporters of the podcast. One of them used to live across the street from my grandparents. My grandaddy was called the ‘Candyman’, because he gave out candy every day like it was Halloween. It became a burden after a while, so the neighborhood children had to be restricted to once a day.

The topic of the episode is an audiobook review of the Stephen King novel, “The Drawing of the Three”, which is the second book of the “Dark Tower” series. I didn’t like it very much compared to “The Gunslinger”. I explain why.

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